bookcoverHit the ground running in your new job by preparing before you start.

PrimeGenesis will help you avoid the potentially critical mistakes first-time leaders frequently make. Each step in the program guides you through a personal onboarding plan that accelerates your relationships and learning. On day one in your new job you will be well on your way to delivering better results faster – the key to job success.

Work at your own pace and on your own schedule. You manage the online, 9-step work stream. PrimeGenesis, leading executive onboarding experts and authors of First-Time Leader guides you each step of the way. This program delivers the same methodology PrimeGenesis uses to onboard senior executives with companies around the world.

You won the opportunity. Make sure the job is yours to keep. Join Now.

First-Time Leader Online Program

Environment – What have I gotten myself into?

Values – What matters?

Attitude – How to win: strategy; posture; culture.

Relationships – How to connect.

  • Stakeholders
  • Your Message
  • Fuzzy Front End (before the start)
  • Day One and early days
  • Pivoting from converging to evolving

Behaviors – What impact: strategic, operational, organizational

One Hour Phone Consultation (with the PrimeGenesis partner who mentors you through the program)

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